Pikki Kids by Pikki Nikki

Printables for Pikki Kids. 

Bight, bold, visual aids to help kids develop a routine, good habits, and confidence in themselves. 

Download. Print. Cut. Stick.
Do you have kids? Do they need to do things each day? Do you think they could do with a little reminder (that isn't in the form of your *mum* voice)?
My kids are cute. And they are picky. So, so picky. About everything and anything. That's the very reason that I started making these charts for my own kids. They help my kids to remember what to do each day. It's as simple as that. 
Benefits of using awesome charts like my Pikki Kids charts include a sense of calm and control, kids developing a greater sense of confidence and independence, and overall wellbeing. Also, you'll probably have to yell less.
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