Care and Safety

All of my products are made by hand, and are amazing one of a kind items. 

To get the best out of your products, use them in the way that they have been intended to be used (for example, don't use a crochet blanket to wipe up gross stuff) and follow the care and safety instructions that come with your product. 

In case you have misplaced your care instructions, you can find them here:


Necklace Safety

This necklace is for mums, not bubs. Just like any jewellery, these necklaces are not a toy, and shouldn't be used as a toy. If you are not wearing it, put it in a safe place far away from curious little people. It is not suitable for children under three years and contains small parts which can be a choking hazard. 

To clean your necklace, wipe with a damp cloth and allow to air dry.

Key Ring and Lanyard Safety

So here's the thing about the key rings and lanyards: just because they are made out of silicone beads does not mean that they are made for children. They are not toys, and they are not suitable for children under three years. They contain small parts which are a choking hazard

To keep your key ring or lanyard clean, wipe them with a damp cloth and allow to air dry. 

Blanket Care: 

Your blanket is a handmade heirloom blanket, and it is delicate. I recommend hand washing the blanket in cold water with a tiny amount of mild laundry detergent. 

If you do chose to machine wash it, use only cold water and a delicates cycle. Place the blanket inside a delicates bag, or inside a pillow case (taking care to ensure that no part of the blanket can come out of the pillow case during the wash cycle). 

To dry the blanket, lay it flat in the shade, taking care to keep it's shape. Do not wring the blanket, do not line dry the blanket, and do not tumble dry the blanket. And definitely no bleach! 

Wall Hanging Care: 

If you do want to dust your wall hanging, lay it on a flat surface and very gently wipe with a mildly damp cloth. 

The Rainbows have a piece of wire crocheted into them. This helps it to keep its shape as it hangs on the wall. If that wire becomes bent or out of shape, lay it on a flat surface and gently reshape it with your hands. You can also place a heavy object (such as a book) on top of it to flatten the wire. 

The Mandala wall hangings are sewn into a bamboo hoop. Do not place heavy objects on top of it as it may cause the bamboo to snap. 

Mobile Care and Safety:

Mobiles are NOT toys, and should never be used as a toy. My mobiles are strictly for decoration only. Misuse could cause serious harm to a child, as some pieces could become choking hazards. 

To dust your Mobile, use a mildly damp cloth to very gently wipe the different components.