Heirloom crochet rainbow wall hangings by Pikki Nikki
crochet rainbow art by Pikki Nikki featuring shades of pink and yellow

Rainbow - Blazing

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This Rainbow Wall Hanging is the PERFECT way to inject some warmth and colour into your home. They especially look beautiful in in a nursery or play space. 

They are made from cotton yarn and crocheted by me. Each one is a unique, heirloom quality piece of crochet art. It is about 23-24cm wide, and about 17-18cm high (not including the tassels). 

This Rainbow features traditional rainbow colours in muted tones - red, orange, yellow, blue, and green. 

Care Instructions:

The Rainbow has wire crocheted into it, which helps it hang nicely on the wall. If the wire becomes bent, you can reshape with your hands. You can also place it on a flat clean surface, and carefully place a heavy object (like a large book) on top to flatten it out. 

To dust the Rainbow, lay it on a flay surface. Very gently, with a mildly damp cloth, wipe or dab at the rainbow. Be sure to take care, as you don't want the Rainbow to lose its shape.