Routine Builder Card Pack - Medicine
Routine Builder Card Pack - Medicine
Routine Builder Card Pack - Medicine

Routine Builder Card Pack - Medicine

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Download. Print. Cut. Stick.

Visual prompts are an amazing tool to support children in different environments. 

These cards are bright, bold, and have been made with accessibility in mind. 

To use these cards, print them from your home or office printer, or have them printed professionally. 

Then, cut up the individual cards. They can then be laminated, stuck to charts, and used to build routines to support children in the home or classroom. 

Yep, these ones are free. If your kid needs medication, that's a task of it's own. I'm happy to give you something to help if it makes things easier for you and your kid.

This is a digital purchase, meaning that you will not receive anything physical from me. You will receive a file that you can print at home, or through a printing service. 

Personally, we have ours laminated and put on the fridge, and in the kids rooms. But you can frame them and display them however you would like. 

Can't see images that you need? Let me know and I can work with you to create a customised pack.


- 6 individual activity prompts

- yellow, white, and black graphics and text, allowing accessibility for different visual needs

- simple, straight forward images for easy understanding 

- create customised routines for your home

- the ability to make changes day to day

My suggestion for printing is that: 

- You make sure that you have a 'landscape' orientation selected

- You select 'shrink to fit' 

A note about the illustrations - I didn't create them and I don't pretend to own them.